The Derby Hospitals Band

NEXT Concert:  Friday 3rd November, 7:30pm, Woodlands Evangelical Church, Allestree.  This will be a FREE concert, with a voluntary collection (along with refreshments) at the end.


We are a small (but growing) wind band, who’s sole aim is raising money for the Derby Hospitals charitable fund.

Let us play for your event

If you would like us to play at your event (fair, fete, fundraiser) please get in touch with us – if we can we will.  We prefer playing indoors, but can also setup outside as well.  Contact us to discuss your requirements –

Recruitment 2017: Update

We are currently going through a period of growth, with a number of new players joining us recently.  We are still keen to recruit new members in all area’s, however we are especially keen to hear from Flautists and viagra side effects nhsOboists.  These Ry utilities are necessary. Using immunostaining of ck7, cdx2, neuroendocrine markers an...   1 dig(s) dig it bury topic: pathology a new mutation in the menin gene causes the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 syndrome with adrenocortical carcinoma submitted by tysonnatha 1 year and 10 months ago multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (men1) is an autosomal dominant tumor syndrome that may be caused by mutations in the men1 gene on 11q13. viagra online buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra viagra online buy viagra online Loss of function of the tumor suppressor gene men1 leads to synchronous or metachronous appearance of neuroendocrine tumors arising from neuroendocrine cel...   1 dig(s) dig it bury topic: endocrinology hormonally defined pancreatic and duodenal neuroendocrine tumors differ in their transcription factor signatures: expression of isl1, pdx1, ngn3, and cdx2 submitted by sajotho 1 year and 2 months ago we recently identified the transcription factor (tf) islet 1 gene product (isl1) as a marker for well-differentiated pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (p-nets). In order to better understand the expression of the four tfs, isl1, pancreatico-duodenal homeobox 1 gene product (pdx1), neurogenin 3 gen...   1 dig(s) dig it bury topic: health unusual dna mismatch repair–deficient tumors in lynch syndrome: a report of new cases and review of the literature submitted by sajotho 5 months ago immunohistochemical detection of dna mismatch repair proteins and polymerase chain reaction detection of microsatellite instability have enhanced the recognition of mismatch repair–deficient neoplasms in patients with lynch syndrome and, consequently, led to the identification of tumors that ha...   1 dig(s) dig it bury topic: pathology von hippel-lindau: how a rare disease illuminates cancer biology submitted by amish 4 months ago von hippel-lindau (vhl) disease is a rare autosomal dominant syndrome (1/36 live births) with highly penetrance that predispose to the development of a panel of highly vascularized tumors (model of tumoral angiogenesis). Main manifestations include central nervous sytem (cns) and retinal haemangi...   1 dig(s) dig it bury topic: oncology profiling mtor pathway in neuroendocrine tumors submitted by tohmod 1 month ago the serine/threonine kinase mammalian target of rapamycin (mtor) plays a central role in regulating critical cellular processes such as growth, proliferation, and protein synthesis. The study of cancer predisposing syndromes within which neuroendocrine tumors (nets) may arise has furnished clues...   1 dig(s) dig it bury topic: oncology h3k4 dimethylation in hepatocellular carcinoma is rare compared with other hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal carcinomas and correlates with expression of the methylase ash2 and the demethylase. wonderful and vital instruments (and the people that play them !) are currently under represented and with expansion in other sections of the band, these somewhat delicate instruments are struggling to be heard.  If you can help swell their ranks, or know someone that can, they’d be made especially welcome (even more welcome that we usually make new players feel, and that’s very welcome !)  We rehearse every Thursday throughout the year at the Derby Royal Hospital Education Centre between 1900-2045.  We have recently been delighted to acquire some support in the percussion section, but anyone interested in ancillary percussion (with occasional kit) would be very welcome – most of our pieces have multiple percussion parts.

Future performances .

Next Concert: Friday 3rd November

 See our concerts and performances page for full details.

If you are interested in joining us, asking us to play at event, or require any further information about the band, please contact us by either:

E-mailing us on :

Or telephoning: 01332 786148