Our membership now totals at nearly 40 people, with a weekly attendance of between 20-35.  Members pay £1 a week in ‘subs’ (you only pay when you play though – we don’t charge for weeks when you’re not there !)

We meet every Thursday (usually breaking for a couple of weeks in the summer and a couple at Christmas), and rehearse in the Education Centre at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Like most bands we go through periods of famine and feast with regards to sectional numbers, however it’s very unlikely that we’ll turn any new prospective members away.  At the moment we are especially keen to hear from any Flute and Oboe players.  Our lower brass section has seen a recent expansion and we need more flutes/oboes to counterbalance this (we’ve recently gone from ‘top heavy’ to ‘bottom heavy’).

We don’t have auditions, and if you have a second instrument you’d like to play more, we might be the ideal place to play it.

If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch by e-mailing: