Derby Hospitals Band raises money for Derby Hospitals

Any money raised at concerts, or other public performances goes into a charity fund account.

All area’s of both Derby Hospitals (London Road and Derby Royal) are then welcome to ‘bid’ for this money.

This can be used for things to enhance the patience experience – over and above facilities and services provided by the NHS.

Band running costs such as purchase of music, advertising etc are met by band members who pay £1 a week (you only pay when you play – we don’t charge for weeks when you aren’t there !)

We are incredible fortunate and grateful to the Royal Derby Hospital who provide us with free of charge rehearsal space.

This puts us in a relatively undemanding financial situation for which we are truely grateful.

Please consider supporting us by coming to our concerts which will be advertised on our website, facebook group, and via local media.

If you would like to enquire about the band playing at your event, please do get in touch: